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Khosar Gang Peak

The trip will take you to the trekking peak in the Shigar Valley.The name Khoser Gung in the Balti language means Ice Pumpkin. The glacier feeds the part of Shigar Valley situated on the left bank of Braldu River. Many…

Mirshikar Peak

 Mirshikar is a trekking peak offering superb views of the entire Hunza Valley and some of the lower parts of Nagar. We cross the Diran Glacier from the top end of the meadow at Tagafari, where the lateral moraine meets…

Workman Peak

Biafo Glacier (60 km. long) and Hispar Glacier (61 km. long) meet at the 5151 m.Hispar Pass to form one of the longest glacial systems outside the Polar Regions. This highway of ice connects two ancient mountain kingdoms; Hunza in…

Sonia Peak

This spectacular trek takes us to one of the most remotely inhabited areas of the Karakoram. To find Hunza traditions still alive, you need to travel to more difficult and remote valleys like Shimshal.

Shatung Peak

Northern Pakistan area especially Gilgit Baltistan Region is the mother of peaks. It has lots of beautiful and pretty peaks which all of above 6000m to 8000m, a lucky Shatung peak also include in it.

Rush Peak

Rush Peak is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range of Central Asia. It is located in the Gilgit Balistan of Pakistan. While not a high peak by local standards, it is noteworthy as a remote trekking destination.

Pastore Peak

The Pastore Peak is located not far from the Concordia and Broad Peak Base Camp. Concordia is the junction in a number of the highest mountains in the world, including the four 8,000m summit of K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I…

Kuksil Peak

Kuksil peak is a part of Khunjrab National Park Situated near China Boarder of Khunjerab almost 17KM's before the boarder Kuksil is one of the None Technical peaks which can easily be attempted by any adventurer The base camp of…

Jalipur Peak

One of the easiest trekking peaks in the Pakistan Himalaya is South Jalipur peak (5206m) which is in west of the Raikot Glacier and south of the Khusto (Jalipur) Pass (4837m) is frequently attempted by trekkers visiting Raikot Gah.

Lhakora Peak

Journey into the Baltoro, one of the sanctuaries of mountaineering, in a unique environment in the world of glaciers, walls, ridges, peaks soaring up to the sky.Trekking to the base camp of K2, to admire a myriad of fantastic mountains:the…

Ghondogoro Peak

The village of Hushe is the last village where jeep road ends. It is 140km east of Skardu and the starting point for expeditions and trekking to various summer pastures and five glaciers. Following the Charakusa River and passing through…

Trekking peak (below 6500m)

Offering trekking peaks (below 6500m) along with trekking programs in Karakorum, Western Himalayas, Hindukush and Pamir Mountain Ranges. While choose the trekking program please select your ideal trekking peak and contact us for more information and prices.

unclimbed peak

Gligit Baltsitan has 05 peaks over 8,000 meters including the world’s second highest peak K-2 (Godwin Austin) (8611m) 29 peaks of over 7,500 meters and 121 peaks of over 7,000 meters. Several of the peaks are still virgin.

Spantik peak

Sapang-Tik meaning the little garden on the past few years, this unknown peak became so much popular that now a day it attracts 5 to 10 expeditions each year. Since its base camp is within easy reach.

Trango Valley

The Trango groups have its own attraction for the rock climbers from all over the world, Trango is a prince for the other groups of Towers, which offers a scenic view from Baltoro glacier most of the rock climbers in…

Nagma, K6 Valley

Nangma valley is one of the best rocks climbing area of the Karakoram Baltistan and boast excellent area ranging from moderate to high altitude rock climbing, including famous Amin Brakk (5850 M), and 5800 meters Great Towers.

Charakusa, K7 Valley

The Charakusa glacier is the most easterly of the five glacier systems, which radiate the northern end of the Hushe valley. Not without justification this area has been the Chamonix of the Karakoram.

Chogholisa Peak

Chogolisa (7665m) is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Karakoram. It really has two summits which are connected by a long, almost horizontal ridge. Even though Chogolisa is not a really difficult mountain, it is very rarely climbed…

Diran Peak

The peak is called Minapin as well as Diran. It is situated in Rakaposhi and Haramosh mountain region near the Minapin, Hinarchi and Baultar glaciers and is easily accessible because of the Karakoram Highway.

Masherbrum Peak

The Mashabrum valley is one of the most spectacular areas of Baltistan in terms of beauty. This valley boasts adequate vegetation compared to others. Our main attraction is the Masherbrum peak in regards to mountaineering.

Muztagh Ata

Muztagh Ata means “Father of Ice Mountains” in local language Kazakh and Uigur, both are Turkish dialects. The massif of Muztagh Ata lies in the Kunlun Shan range on the high plateau in Western China, where nomadic herders line and…

Muztagh Tower

Muztagh lies on the baltoro cathedral at the snout of baltoro and young husband glacier, having 2 summits of 7273 and 7180m, on the traditional route of K-2 and other 8000 peaks.

Gasherbrum Peak III

Gasherbrum III is situated between Gasherbrum II and IV and has a height of 7,952m/26,089ft. It was the highest unclimbed peak up to 1974, before a polish ladies expedition, under the leadership of Mrs. Wanda Rutkiewics, climbed it on the…

Gasherbrum Peak IV

Gasherbrum means Beautiful wall. This refers to 3,050m/10,000ft pale limestone walls on the great trapeze shaped Gasherbrum IV Peak. There are six Gasherbrum Peaks in the Karakorum Range. It was Captain Young husband and his party which in 1889 discovered…

Tirich Mir

This is a chain of peaks. Tirich Mir (Main) at 7,708m/25,288ft, is the highest peak in whole of the Hindukush range. The nearby glacier also has the same name (Tirich). The other nearby glaciers are North Barum, upper and lower…

Baintha Brakk Ogre Latok Peaks

A three days trek from the village of Askole will take you the base camp of Ogre and Latok Peaks. The base camp at 4200m is appealing green and plenty of fresh water, shapes like soccer.

Broad Peak

Broad Peak 8047 meters is one of the four 8000 meter peaks located in a tight cluster in the upper reaches of the Baltoro Glaciers, the principal access to that part of the Karakoram.The local name of Borad peak is…

Gasherbrum I

Gasherbrum in local language means "Beautiful Wall". There are six Gasherbrum Peaks and Gasherbrum I Peak is one them. The Gasherbrum Peaks are in the Karakoram Range. A French expedition led by H. De Segogne

Gasherbrum II

Gasherbrum in local language means "Beautiful Wall". There are six Gasherbrum Peaks and Gasherbrum I Peak is one them. The Gasherbrum Peaks are in the Karakoram Range. A French expedition led by H. De Segogne

K2 (Chogori)

K2 (Chogori) 8611m the second highest mountain on earth. Chogori means the king of mountains in Balti language. This name is little known in the outside world.K2 is a rocky mountain up to 6,000m, beyond which it

Nanga Parbat

The Himalayas are a great mountain range formed by the collision of indo-Pakistan Tectonic plate with the Asian continent. The central Himalayan Mountains are situated in Nepal, while the eastern mountains extend to

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