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Kalash Jeep Tour

Kafirs mean non-believers or non- Muslims. A tribe that homes itself in beautiful valley of Kalash is an exceptionally, traditionally and claimed to be descendants of Alexander the Great Army.The Kalash women wear black knee long shirts with and number of

colorful beads necklaces; on their head they wear a small neat dress like a ring around the back
And our Tour Kafirs of Pakistan is a wonderful experience at this unique culture and tradition, to reach is beautiful place, we go through swat valley once the home of Gandaran civilization. And to Chitral valley (the home of Hindu- Kush Mountains) passing the Lowari pass situated at a height of 3500. The tour gives and a historical outlook of Gandara and Mughal civilization.


Kalash Jeep Tour

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June  to September





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Day 01: Islamabad
Day 02: Swat Valley
Day 03: Chitral
Day 04: Free Day Chitral
Day 05: Kalash Valley
Day 06: Hiking in Kalash
Day 07: Free Day Kalash
Day 08: Dir
Day 09: Peshawar
Day 10: Islamabad


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